2000 Nissan Skyline GTR R34

This is a car that was sold in Japan. I can get one similar for around the same price plus shipping. Shipping isn’t exactly expensive, but the legalization in the United States is very costly for this car.

Make Nissan
Model Skyline GTR (R34)
Year 2000 model
Color Black
Doors 2
Steering position Right Hand Drive
Transmission Manual
Fuel Petrol (Gasoline)
Features Power steering, Power windows, Air conditioned, Antilock Brake System, UV cut glass
Retreat side mirrors, SRS Dual Air Bags, CD Stereo, Central locking, Side impact bar, Rear wiper
Pictures Front view . Back view . inside view
Price US$ 39,800 (Shipping cost not include)
Shipping cost Check shipping cost of this car to your country click here
Total price Car price US$ 39,800 + Shipping cost + Marine insurance US$ 120 = Total price.

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4 responses to “2000 Nissan Skyline GTR R34

  1. Well I like to find an skyline GTR or Gts 25t but right hand drive and four doors maybe just two doors, just depend how it looks, by the way I only have $20,000.00

    • We could find you one for under $20,000 but there’s no way you would be able to afford to get it legalized. Legalization in the states is about $7,000-15,000 alone. Could probably get you a GTS single turbo coupe or sedan for about $20,000 worldwide though. Thanks.

  2. OMG, hi i would love to have more details on this car and can you actually get it into washington state and a sum of the grand total? because i am very interested for under $40,000?

    • Sorry for the delay! I was waiting on some info about regulations in your state. Unfortunately there are different rules for shipment and legalization on the West Coast. However I could get it to Savannah GA as an unregistered “show car only” for $40,000.

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