1916 American LaFrance Speedster

American Lafrance Speedster. Built to look like a 1908 -1910 race car. Excellent proportions. 117″ wheelbase with 25″ wheels and 35 x 5 Goodrich tires. This car has the 571 c.i. 4 cylinder T-head engine. Many of the early race cars, Simplex, Locomobile, Mercedes and Fiat had large displacement 4 cylinder engines and chain drive. Since the early American Lafrance fire trucks were built using large displacement t-head engines and chain drive, they are the perfect candidate for an early speedster / race car.  (Please don’t cut up a good fire truck ). The trick to these cars is getting the proportions right. I did alot of work to make sure this car looked correct. I believe this is one of the best looking Lafrance speedsters in existance.  I even had a new ring and pinion made for a taller gear ratio. Most Lafrance speedster have to run a huge front sprocket to make up for the stock low gears, it throws off the proportions. This car  runs and drives great.


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