1970 Ford Torino Cobra 429 CJ


Offered for sale is a beautifully restored 1970 Ford Torino 429 Cobra Jet. The paint is in great condition and the restoration looks to be less than 5 years old. We would consider this car in #2 condition. The 429-4V CJ Ram Air Engine has just been gone through and has less than 100 miles on it. Mileage showing on the working odometer is 12,3XX (Exempt).

This beautifully restored and rare car has the following features and options:

#’s Matching 429-4V CJ Ram Air Engine. (8 Cylinder, J-Code).

#’s Matching 4 Speed Manual, Close Ratio Transmission.

Original “S” Code, Rear Axle with 3.50 Traction-Lok Optional Axle Ratio.(According to the Marti Report, 1 of 6 cars delivered with this option.)

Brand New & Correct Ford Dual Exhaust.

Major Components Decoded as follows:
#’s Matching Block Casting # DOVE-A

#’s Matching Transmission Tag # RUG AUl

Correct Heads Casting # D0OE-R

Correct Intake Manifold # D0OE-9425-D

Correct Exhaust Manifolds # D0OE-9430-A, D0OE-9431-A

Correct Quadrajet Carburetor Tag # AUTOLITE, D0OF A

Original and Correct Axle Tag # WFC-L 9MC
3L 50 9 881A

Correct Distributor

Correct Fuel Pump…

The list goes on and on!

This car has all of it’s correct components right down to the Rev Limiter and Decals. We just completely went through this car from top to bottom. Shall we say that our “Ford Nut” just went through this car from top to bottom! Yes, our Master Technician with over 28 years of mechanical and restoration experience gives this car his seal of approval and he is just about as picky as they get when it comes to Fords!

He is pounding the table on this iconic, Ford gem and telling us to make absolutely sure we tell all of the “Ford Nuts, Enthusiasts and Finatics” out there that this car is as correct as it gets!

Not only numbers matching from front to back but all of the components are correct which means you shouldn’t need to do a thing to this car but take it to the car show and win 1st Place!

Our Master Technician (who just happens to bleed “Ford Blue”) spent nearly 3 months cleaning, detailing and going through this car mechanically to make sure it was right and that he would be proud to put this car in his garage.

He spent countless hours, not to mention alot of our hard earned money, going through this car. He completely detailed the undercarriage which was already in great shape. He took the engine down all the way to the cam shaft to make sure the engine was correct. Then, he added back the correct stock cam for this car and then made sure all of the correct components were on the engine all the way back up to the correct shaker gasket with drain tube.

Finally, he correctly painted all the components of the engine back to factory conditions, adding all the correct decals and making sure the engine bay was just right. We think he did a great job and we think that any true Ford Enthusiast or Ford Collector will appreciate the job that was done.

Also, we have hundreds of additional digital photos of the car during the cleaning and detailing process as well as numerous photos of part numbers, codes, etc. So, if you want to see any additional photos just let us know because we probably have them.

To all of you “Ford Nuts” out there, this is the 70 Torino 429 Cobra Jet you want to put in your garage. If you want to talk to our Master Technician, give us a call anytime and he would be glad to talk to you about this car. It is simply that special.


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